What is included in Psychometric Test of SBI PO? (What is Psychometric Test in SBI PO?)

What is Psychometric Test in SBI PO?

SBI PO Main Result Released on 10th March 2023. Candidates who have cleared it should be ready for the next challenge. As per the official notification of SBI PO, a new test has also been added in the SBI PO interview stage. Candidates will now have to appear for a personal interview as well as a psychometric test. As State Bank of India is going to conduct this exam for the first time, what is in ‘SBI PO Psychometric Test?’ Psychometric tests are a common practice in the private sector with many large multinational companies adopting this test to select candidates. With the inclusion of this test in the SBI PO interview stage, it is expected that the selection of suitably qualified candidates for banking among the examinees will be more objective. ‘What happens in the psychometric test of SBI PO?’ The answer is given in the following article.

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What is Psychometric Testing?

By standard definition, psychometric testing is a standardized method of assessing a person’s psychological attributes, including abilities, skills, personality, and intelligence. The purpose of this test is to find out certain personality traits that make him/her suitable for a job. More specifically, it tests the cognitive, behavioral or emotional qualities of candidates.

Psychometric tests can be of many types. Various tools are used in these tests to check the depth and correct attitude of the candidates such as:

  1. Multiple-choice questionnaire
  2. Situational Reaction Test
  3. performance function

And much more. These tests are conducted over a period of time to understand the true personality and true reactions of the candidates.

What is Psychometric Test in SBI PO?

SBI is more likely to conduct psychometric testing in the form of multiple choice questions to get a clear idea of ​​the candidate’s personality and cognitive skills. The responses of the candidates and their statistical analysis can help the examiners to reach the right candidates for banking. Psychometric test in SBI PO can have several features and they are:

  • Effective Intelligence: How the candidate responds to difficult and complex situations and how easily he can solve problems.
  • Rational thinking: Whether the candidate is rational and practical in his approach.
  • Social Compatibility: How likely is the candidate to blend easily into the team? And whether he is a good team player or not.
  • Part of responsibility: Is the candidate fit to handle the responsibilities that come with higher grades in banking?
  • Emotional Intelligence: To what extent does the candidate control his/her emotions and understand the emotions of others?
  • Attitude: A positive rather than negative and problem solving attitude.
  • Ethical Standard of Candidates: How they deal with situations that are responsible for moral dilemmas.

How important is psychometric test in SBI PO?

Candidates should note that Psychometric Test in SBI PO is one of the tests in the third phase of SBI PO Exam. Although this is an important test, as per the norms of modern recruitment process, it is useful to check the suitability of the candidates. Other stages like Group Discussion and Interview will also be conducted for all the candidates.

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How to Prepare for Psychometric Test in SBI PO

There is a high possibility that the results of these tests will be placed before the interview panel and an attempt may be made to judge the candidates based on these results through specific question and situation reaction tests. So candidates should not ignore this exam. You can prepare for these exams by following the simple tips given below.

  1. Keep taking simple psychometric tests online.
  2. Analyze your test and find errors.
  3. Practice regularly.
  4. Do yoga and exercise for peace.

What is included in Psychometric Test of SBI PO?  (What is Psychometric Test in SBI PO?)

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