UP government will not buy NCERT books, know why the decision was taken

NCERT Books: The Uttar Pradesh government has taken a big decision that from now on the books of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) will not be purchased. The purchase of NCERT books will not be done only for the first and second classes. UP cabinet meeting was organized under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. More than 20 proposals were presented in this, which had to be approved by the government. In these proposals, the proposal brought regarding NCERT books was also included. The state cabinet decided not to accept the proposal to purchase NCERT books for class I and II students. It was said in the proposal that for the academic session 2023-24, NCERT books for the first and second classes should be purchased. However, this decision was not accepted. Also read: On which island is the new capital of Indonesia being set up? Read today’s current affairs Why was this decision taken? Giving information about NCERT books, cabinet minister Jaiveer Singh said, ‘Procurement of NCERT books for first and second class was proposed in the cabinet meeting, but it has been decided that the state will be able to use locally printed books only. Will teach This is because students need to know about the state, district and regions apart from their country in the initial class. He said, ‘National level syllabus and books are prepared keeping in mind the whole country. But when it comes to the state, it is appropriate that during the basic level of education in class 1st and 2nd, students should get proper information about their regions, districts and state. That’s why the books of the students will be printed in the state itself. Also read: Every eye disease will be treated, IIT Kanpur gives gene therapy license to Reliance Life Sciences A senior official said that the secondary education department is already implementing NCERT books. According to the National Education Policy, a proposal was made in the cabinet meeting to bring NCERT books in the first and second classes in the state. However, there is almost a month left for the start of the new academic session. In such a situation, it has been decided that the books should be printed in the state itself, so that they can be delivered on time.

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