Students do not want admission in IIT Delhi! Seats of this course lying vacant since 5 years

IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi Admission: Whenever the top engineering colleges of the country are discussed, then the name of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT Delhi) is definitely included in it. For students appearing in engineering entrance exam JEE IIT Delhi Getting admission in is a dream. However, even though the queue of students is seen for admission in IIT Delhi. But there is one course where there is no enthusiasm among the students to take admission. Let’s know about it today.

Actually, IIT Delhi’s B.Tech Textile Engineering is such a course, where seats are remaining vacant year after year. This information is available after seeing the data of the last five years of IIT Delhi BTech Textile Engineering. The thing to note here is that IIT Delhi is counted as the best institute in the country. But even after this, it is quite surprising that the seats remain vacant here. Well whatever the situation is, but the statistics confirm that this course is not popular among the students.

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What is the statistics of vacant seats?

According to the annual report of the Institute of Engineering, the number of students taking admission in textile engineering programs through JEE Advanced decreased from 104 (as against 105 sanctioned positions) to 95 (as against 116 sanctioned positions) from academic year 2017-18 to 2021-22. )Has occurred. Looking at the figures, it seems that this number is very minor, but when it is seen on the basis of proportion, then it seems very worrying.

Year total seats Admission
2017-18 105 104
2018-19 105 104
2019-20 120 116
2020-21 116 111
2021-22 116 95

The proportion of vacant seats in the first year of B.Tech Textile Engineering program has increased from 0.9 per cent in 2017-18 to 18 per cent in 2021. This decline is also worrying because the total number of seats sanctioned for this course has increased, while the number of vacant seats has been increasing every year.

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Why are the seats empty?

According to Professor SM Ishtiaq, former head of the textile engineering department at IIT Delhi, this branch of engineering is fast becoming less popular among students. He said, “Textiles and biomedical courses are usually the least preferred by the students who choose IIT Delhi.”

Professor SM Ishtiaq said, ‘We also have a provision that if a student performs well in the first year, he can change his department. Because of this, many students go into high demand branches like electrical, mechanical etc. In this way the seats in textile remain vacant.

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