Selection junction is Adda247, Adda247 provides 231+ selection in SBI CBO 2023

As the SBI CBO final result is announced and we are getting a lot of congratulations from our students who as per the data 231+ students have selected as SBI CBO in Adda247 and the number is still increasing. This is a very proud moment for the Adda247 family and our students. Many congratulations and blessings from us.

SBI CBO Final Result

Pranav Verma: I succeeded in SBI CBO with the help of Adda247 team, thanks to you all

Kaushal Yadav: I cleared this exam with 25 days preparation, recorded classes and all your help from Adda247, thanks Adda247

Anuj Sharma: Adda has always been a guiding light since the beginning of my banking preparation journey, daily quiz practice helped me move forward.

Lord Bhopal: Bankarsadda’s English language helped me a lot to clear the exam.

Ayan Modak: I have purchased Adda247 mock test as well as interview course for SBI CBO. Finally I have been selected. Thanks for the facility and help, Adda247

Special Kumar Rai: Adda247’s free study materials and videos helped me a lot in my preparation.

Keshav Anand: I started my career as Deputy Manager in ICICI Bank in 2018, promoted there as Deputy Manager Band 2 in April 2021, then I switched to Citibank in July 2021 and now I am selected as Circle-based Officer in SBI.

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Selection junction is Adda247, Adda247 provides 231+ selection in SBI CBO 2023

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