Researchers of IIT Roorkee got big success, now every infection will be eradicated from the root! know how

IIT Roorkee: Researchers of Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) have done a great job. They have discovered an antibacterial small molecule (IITR00693), which can be effective against infections that are not affected by drugs. Once this molecule is brought to the clinical trial stage, it can be used to treat various skin related diseases. IIT Roorkee’s research was led by Professors Department of Bioscience and Bioengineering Ranjana Pathania, Mehak Saini and Amit Gaurav. Apart from this, Ashish Kothari Balram Ji Omar of AIIMS, Rishikesh, Varsha Gupta of Government Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh and Amitabh Bhattacharya of Assam University were included in the research team. Also read: Amidst whispers of recession, IIT students are getting jobs worth crores in abundance What is the benefit of this molecule? IIT Roorkee said in a press release, ‘The molecule was discovered after a rigorous screening process. This molecule has shown excellent antibacterial activity against a range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Some of these bacteria were included, which are not affected by the drugs. It further said, ‘There are many such bacteria, which are not affected by the current treatment. There is a possibility of potential and target therapy through the discovery of this new molecule. IITR00693 acts like a double edged sword. It not only kills the most dangerous bacteria, but also increases the stamina to avoid bacteria in the body. Also read: Do MBA from IIT, no entrance exam, know when-where-how to apply? The results of the research have been published in the American Chemical Society Journal (ACS Infectious Diseases). This molecule can open the way for new research on the treatment of soft and skin tissue infections. Talking about the discovery, Professor KK Pant, Director, IIT Roorkee, said, ‘We are now working on preparing the molecule as a therapeutic agent, so that it can be used for clinical trials. . This is very important for the development of new antibiotics. Molecule safety, efficacy and its side effects can also be investigated in soft and skin tissue infections.

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