Pakistan: Children are getting ‘poisonous knowledge’! History books serving hatred against India

Pakistan Textbooks: School books in Pakistan are spreading anti-Hindu and anti-India sentiments. History books of 8th and 9th are full of hatred against India and Hindus. The thing to note here is that these books have been prepared by the best educational experts of Pakistan. These books have been published by the National Book Foundation (Federal Textbook Board, Islamabad). It has also shared some sample pictures from the books, in which anti-India things can be seen. According to the report of News18, in a chapter of the book it is written, ‘Many Indians joined hands to demand nationalism of India, who were completely Hindu. So the Indian National Congress (INC) instead of being the voice of all India became a Hindu political party. This is only a part of the book, apart from this many things have been said. Poison has been spewed in the books of Pakistan regarding Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. Also read: More than 16000 teacher posts are vacant in Delhi schools, answer sought from government has been accused of doing. The report quoted a part of the school textbook saying, “Gandhi and his young supporters took charge of the Congress and promoted the Hindu view of the majority and disregarded Muslim rights.” Also created hatred, jealousy and narrow-mindedness. What else was written in the book? The books claim that before partition, Muslims had no faith in Hindus to protect their interests. It is written in it, ‘The partition of Bengal made the Muslims realize that they cannot expect any impartiality from the Hindu majority. Therefore, to protect their interests, the Muslim leaders prepared a plan for a separate electorate for their community. Also read: 11 new colleges, training of principals in Singapore, know what else education got in Punjab budget Couldn’t trust nor the British. In this regard, the Khilafat Movement brought forth the concept of nationalism for the Muslims of India. The partition of Bengal has been talked about in the books of Pakistan. It has been claimed that this became a setback for the Muslims, but the community also got a lesson from it. The Muslims realized that they could not trust either the Hindus or the British.

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