On which island is the new capital of Indonesia being set up? Read today’s current affairs

Current Affairs Questions: Every day some major incidents come to the fore in the country. Questions related to this are usually asked in competitive exams, government exams or interviews. Students get full marks for answering these questions correctly. That’s why it becomes very important to prepare for Current Affairs. Keeping these things in mind, students prepare for current affairs from various sources. Everyday questions related to current affairs and their answers are given by TV9 Hindi, so that students can get help from it. Let’s know today’s current affairs. Also read: Who is the first woman, who became the commander in the Air Force, read Top 10 Current Affairs Question 1: Who has been elected as the President in the third election of Nepal? Answer: Ram Chandra Paudel has been elected the new President of Nepal. He will replace Vidyadevi Bhandari, whose tenure is till March 12. Paudel has defeated Subhash Chandra Nembang. Poudel got 33,802 electoral votes while Nembang got 15,518 electoral votes. Ram Chandra Poudel got the votes of 214 MPs and 352 provincial assembly members from a coalition of eight parties, including the Nepali Congress and the CPN (Maoist Centre). This is the third presidential election in Nepal since it became a republic in 2008. Question 2: Who is known as the father of Modern China? Answer: Xi Jinping, who has been ruling China for the last 10 years, will now continue to lead China on the global stage for the next five years. He has been elected the President of China for the third time. This is happening in Chinese politics after several decades, when a leader is holding the reins of the country for the third consecutive time as the President of the country. Before Jinping, Mao was the only leader who held the power of the country from 1949 to 1976. He is considered the father of Modern China, under whose leadership the Chinese revolution was successful. He was a political thinker and it was he who founded the CCP, the only powerful political party in China. Also read: These 10 questions can be asked in Sarkari Exam, read today’s current affairs Question 3: Who is the first Indian-American judge of the Manhattan Federal District Court in New York? Answer: Attorney Arun Subramanian has been appointed as the first Indian American judge of the Manhattan Federal District Court in New York. Subramaniam’s nomination to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York was first made public in September 2022 by US President Joe Biden. The Senate confirmed Subramaniam’s nomination by a vote of 58 against 37. Subramaniam received a BA from Case Western Reserve University in 2001 and a Juris Doctor (JD) from Columbia Law School in 2004. He has served as a partner at Sussman Godfrey LLP in New York since 2007. He also served as executive articles editor for the Columbia Law Review. Arun Subramanian was born in 1979 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Question 4: On which island is the new capital of Indonesia being set up? Answer: Indonesia is set to move its capital from Jakarta to Borneo over environmental issues such as overcrowding, seawater submersion and earthquake risk. The new metropolis will be a sustainable forest city that puts the environment at the center of development and will be carbon neutral by 2045. Jakarta, home to 10 million people, has been described as the world’s fastest-sinking city. It is estimated that it will be completely submerged by the year 2050. The new capital Nusantara is located about two thousand kilometers north-east of Jakarta. It is being set up on the island of Borneo. Question 5: For how many days did the Indian Navy’s TROPEX-23 exercise last? Answer: Indian Navy’s exercise TROPEX-23, concluded in the Arabian Sea after running for four months from November 2022 to March 2023. There was participation of about 70 Indian Navy ships, six submarines and more than 75 aircraft. TROPEX was conducted in several phases to test the Navy’s transition from peacetime to hostilities. The exercise covered an area of ​​about 4,300 nautical miles north to south in the Indian Ocean region including the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, 35 degrees south and five thousand nautical miles from the Persian Gulf to the northern coast of Australia. Question 6: With which country is India going to sign an agreement on semiconductors? Answer: America and India will sign an MoU on Semiconductor. The two countries will continue talks on coordination of investments and around policies to promote private investment. US Commerce Minister Gina Raimondo, who arrived on a four-day visit to India, is accompanied by CEOs of 10 American companies. Raimondo said the two countries will map the semiconductor supply chain together and identify opportunities for joint ventures and technology partnerships. Question 7: Which organization gave gene therapy technology to Reliance Life Sciences? Answer: Reliance Life Sciences Pvt Ltd has received a license from IIT Kanpur for a gene therapy method that has the potential to treat a variety of genetic eye diseases. Reliance Life Sciences will develop gene therapy technology as an indigenous product. The science of molecular medicine has recently seen the emergence of gene therapy employing viral vectors as a powerful tool. Question 8: Yaoshang is the main festival of which Indian state? Answer: Yaoshang, the five-day-long Holi festival of Manipur, has begun. This annual festival is celebrated on the full moon of February-March. In this, children invite their neighbors for financial gifts. Manipur celebrates Yaoshang differently from Holi with a traditional touch. Manipur comes alive during these five days with traditional Thabal Chongba dance in the evening and sporting events during the day. A typical Meitei dance called Thabal Chongba involves boys and girls dancing in a circle on an open ground. All public and private educational institutions are completely closed on Yaoshang. Question 9: Which woman colonel has been posted as the commander for the first time by the Indian Army? Answer: The Indian Army has entrusted Colonel Geeta Rana with the command of an independent field workshop in the eastern Ladakh region with China. She is the first woman officer to do so. The army has recently approved the deployment of women officers in command posts. The Army has approved 108 posts for women officers to command independent units in the Corps of Engineers, Ordnance, EME and other branches. Women officers who qualify the exam will be awarded leadership positions and may also be considered for future promotion to higher ranks in the army. Women soldiers are now also being sent by the army to peacekeeping operations and joint training exercises with friendly countries.

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