Know where the posting of EPFO ​​EO/AO takes place? (Where do EPFO ​​EOs/AOs get their postings?)

UPSC has given a golden opportunity to the candidates who are preparing for the government exams. UPSC EPFO ​​Exam which will be conducted for the posts of Implementation Officer/Accounts Officer and Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner, is your chance to get high quality government jobs. If you are preparing for this exam then you must know the details like posting and job profile. This article will clear all your doubts regarding where does the posting of EPFO ​​EO/AO take place? You will also know the possibility of getting home district posting after UPSC EPFO ​​exam.

Where do EPFO ​​EO/AO get their posting?

Employees Provident Fund Organization is an organization under the Ministry of Labour. It is responsible for the regulation and management of provident funds across India. Hence regional offices of EPFO ​​can be found in every state. The Enforcement Officers/Accounts Officers selected after examination get posting in one of the Regional Offices. Central Public Service Commission releases state wise vacancies for UPSC EPFO ​​Exam in subsequent phase. State wise vacancy list for UPSC EPFO ​​Exam 2020 is given here.

Know where the posting of EPFO ​​EO/AO takes place?  (Where do EPFO ​​EO/AO get their posting?) |_50.1

Once selected, candidates are likely to be assigned to one of the field offices. Selected candidates will have an option to select their location for posting i.e. selected candidates can give their preference for the state in which they want to work. But the final posting is done according to the category and availability of vacancies in the state in demand.

Can one expect home posting in EPFO?

However all postings under UPSC EPFO ​​are same and there is no difference between postings in any regional office. Home postings are in particular demand. Candidates preparing for UPSC EPFO ​​exam also consider the possibilities of getting home posting.

As per available information and examination of cadre management system, we have come to the conclusion that home posting is possible in EPFO. If a candidate gets a higher rank and there is a vacancy in his/her home state then he/she can be given home state. But in general this is less likely to happen.

There is another way candidates can opt for home posting. As we already know that EPFO ​​is a central government organization. A few years after joining EO/AO they will be promoted to Grade A where they will come under All India Service. The person can apply for home state at that time and then he/she can be given home posting.

UPSC EPFO ​​Implementation Officer Job Profile

UPSC EPFO ​​Implementation Officer has to perform various responsibilities which the candidate must be familiar with before applying for the recruitment. EO/AO is a level 8 post where employees get 4800 as basic pay.

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Know where the posting of EPFO ​​EO/AO takes place?  (Where do EPFO ​​EO/AO get their posting?) |_70.1

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