Journey from receptionist to IPS, rejected job abroad, cracked UPSC, meet Pooja Yadav

IPS Pooja Yadav: Be it business or administration or any other field, women are now reaching top positions almost everywhere. Which shows that the condition of women in the society is improving. Women have not only hoisted flags in every field, but have proved their capability at every step. Women are achieving new heights by overcoming every challenge. One such woman is Pooja Yadav, who has traveled from receptionist to IPS officer through her hard work. UPSC Civil Services Exam is considered one of the toughest exams in the world. But every year lakhs of youth give this exam. Only a few of these candidates get a chance to taste success. One such candidate is Pooja Yadav, who prepared hard for this exam and then cracked it. Pooja Yadav is an IPS officer of 2018 batch. He is counted as the best officer of the country. Also read: Women’s Day Special: Namrata’s childhood passed between the bullets of Naxalites, the answer to a question made IAS Who is Pooja Yadav? Pooja Yadav was born on September 20, 1988. He did his early education from a school in Haryana. Going forward, he did MTech in Food and Biotechnology. Pooja’s family always stood by her, but she had limited resources to make it big. This was the reason that he had to work as a receptionist at one time to meet the expenses. She used to do this job along with her studies. Not only this, but she also used to teach tuition to children. She was doing all this so that her MTech studies could continue. After completing her studies, Pooja went to Canada for a job. After working for a few years in Canada, he moved to Germany. Read this also: Disappointment in UPSC 5 times, hope arose in the sixth time, then Ramya CS became IAS, she was in a good position during her stay abroad and had a good salary too. But she was always ahead to help low-income families, so that their children could be well. With this intention, she returned to India and decided to appear for the civil service exam. In the first attempt, he did not get success, but in the second attempt, he not only cleared the exam, but also got 174th. Pooja Yadav is currently an officer of the Gujarat cadre. He faced many hurdles in his journey to become an IPS officer. But after marrying Pooja, he requested to go to Gujarat cadre.

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