It will be easier for Indian students to find jobs in Australia, the government has taken this decision

Australian Visa: Australian High Commissioner Barry O’Farrell has said that international students, including Indian students, are no longer going to have any problem finding jobs in Australia. The High Commissioner said that due to the extension of post-study work visa, especially for international students, it will now be easier for job seekers during their studies. The High Commissioner said that international students are a great talent pool in Australia, especially in temporary jobs.

Recently, the Government of Australia had decided to remove unlimited working hours for international students. However, the post-study visa can be extended even after capping the working hours. The Australian Home Ministry said that from 1 July 2023, international students will be allowed to work only 48 hours per fortnight. Due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, the government had removed the limit of working hours, because there was a shortage of workers in the country.

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Post study visa time will be extended

The Australian Government reinstated the cap on working hours, so that international students can support themselves while working while studying in Australia. Students should note that the scope of the Australian Ministry of Home Affairs post-study visa will be extended for selected degrees and those fields where there is a shortage of people. It has not been approved yet, if it is approved, then students will get a chance to stay for two years.

The scope of visa for Bachelor's degree means that students will get a chance to stay for two to four years. Talking about master's degree, then this period will be of three to five years. Visa extension for PhD students will be of four to six years.

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students will get help

The Australian High Commissioner said that the scope of post-study visa would be beneficial, especially for those students who are studying in fields related to science, engineering, technology and maths. He said that the extension will help students to explore work opportunities and gain experience in their respective fields.

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