How will the pressure of studies be reduced on the students? IIT will find answer, committee formed

Academic Stress: The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT Bombay) has constituted a committee. This committee has been formed so that it can be ascertained how to reduce the pressure of studies on the students. Especially those students who are in the first year. In fact, this committee has been constituted at a time when an interim report submitted by a panel probing the suicide of Darshan Solanki, a first-year student at IIT Bombay, said that such a step was taken due to deteriorating academic performance. Will happen. Professors from different departments are included in this new committee. Whose job will be to consider ways to reduce academic pressure on first year students. IIT Bombay believes that due to academic pressure in the first year, students lose their confidence. Due to this, further studies are also affected. According to IIT officials, this shows that there is a need to intervene in the first year of the course. Also read: CEED 2023 Result released, check scorecard here from direct link These challenges are coming in first year The panel said that academic challenges have played an important role in the matter of philosophy. He was facing difficulty in studies. A senior official of IIT Bombay said, “Apart from this case, many students and mentors say that the academic challenges faced in the first year shatters the confidence of the students.” The official said, ‘Because of this, inferiority complex arises among the students. Especially when you are the topper in your class. But on coming here the students have to struggle to pass or they are at the back of the class. On the other hand, if something goes wrong in the first year, then its effect is visible in the coming years as well. Also read: Rajasthan is the king of IIT! How many got admission from which state? Open Raj for the first time New rules will be implemented from next year Officials said that the new panel will not help only those students who are from the reserve category. Rather all the students will be helped. The report will be submitted by the panel in three months. The suggestions mentioned in this will be sent to the Senate for approval. An official said that after all the approvals, these new changes will be implemented from the next academic year. No major changes can be made in the existing batch.

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