Future of 700 Indian students will be saved in Canada, demand raised not to deport, know the whole matter

Indians in Canada: More than 700 Indian students who went to study in Canada from India are facing deportation. Canada Based Friends of Canada and India Foundation has come in support of over 700 Indian students facing deportation from Canada. Actually, their ‘admission offer letters’ to the educational institutions of these Indian students were found to be fake. Since then, the sword of deportation is hanging over these students. But now this Canadian Foundation is seen as a ray of hope.

Friends of Canada & India Foundation has written a letter to Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Sean Fraser on 16 March. In this, the minister has been requested to immediately stop the process of deportation of Indian students. Foundation president Maninder Singh wrote in a letter, 'I am writing to inform you about the plight of 700 Indian students who have allegedly been victims of a fraud by an immigration agent in the Indian state of Punjab. '

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What is the whole matter?

Actually, all these Indian students went to Canada on student visa three years back. He completed his studies and also gained Canadian work experience through Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). Indian students came to know about the fraud done to them when they applied for Permanent Residence (PR) status.

An investigation by the Canada Border Security Agency revealed that the initial offer letters given by the Canadian institution were fake. According to media reports, the students have now received deportation notices. In such a situation, now he will have to return to India again. Many of these students have started protesting after the notice of deportation.

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What was said in the letter?

At the same time, in a letter written to the Canadian minister, it was said, 'We request you to intervene in this matter and stop the deportation process with immediate effect. A detailed investigation is needed in this matter. It further said, 'Student visas and work permits were given on the basis of forged documents related to Canadian institutions. This raises serious questions about the efficiency and capability of the Canadian immigration system as a whole.

The letter said, 'We know that protecting the integrity of Canada's immigration system is one of your priorities, but this is a special case, due to which some concessions should be made.'

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