Blacklist company got government recruitment contract, candidates came on the road

Jobs in Jammu and Kashmir: Hundreds in two government departments of Jammu and Kashmir Govt Jobs A new controversy has arisen over the administration’s giving the responsibility to a Mumbai-based consultancy firm to conduct the examination. The administration led by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has given the contract to Aptech Limited to conduct the exam for the posts of Junior Engineer and Sub-Inspector. While this company was earlier blacklisted by the Jammu and Kashmir government.

Defending its decision, the administration has said that the blacklist period of the company has ended. Sinha has alleged that some vested interests are deliberately trying to stop the recruitment. A petition was also filed in the Supreme Court on Monday challenging the decision of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court to allow this consultancy to conduct the examination.

What is the matter?

The exam is being conducted for the second time for the posts of Junior Engineers and Sub-Inspector, as irregularities were found in the first recruitment process. After this the case was registered and the investigation was handed over to the CBI.

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The appointment of 65 junior engineers in the Jal Shakti Department was canceled in 2020, while the selection of 1,200 sub-inspectors in the Home Department was also canceled in 2022. The reason was allegations of irregularities.

Allegations of irregularities have been leveled against this firm in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Assam and Rajasthan as well. A single bench of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court stayed the new recruitment process by Aptech, but a double bench of the same court set aside the decision.

candidates on the streets

The decision of the double bench gave rise to widespread outrage. Aptech Limited, which was involved in irregularities for the first time, took to social media to protest against the decision to conduct the exam for the second time. Soon, the candidates took to the streets and staged a demonstration in Jammu. Outrage spread throughout the union territory.

The candidates also staged sit-ins in the Kashmir Valley, in which political parties also participated. He demanded cancellation of the recruitment process of Aptech Limited. Despite claims by the central government that abrogation of Article 370 will bring investment and create jobs, Jammu and Kashmir has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

effect on unemployment rate

According to the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy, the unemployment rate in Jammu and Kashmir stood at 17.1 percent among 27 states and union territories during February. In this case, it stood at the fourth position, whereas in January this rate was 21.8 percent. The total unemployment rate in the country is 7.5 percent.

The administration had canceled the recruitment of junior engineers in 2020. The Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Board has been unable to fill the vacant posts, which has only added to the unemployment crisis.

Manoj Sinha gave information

Despite the uproar, the administration has refused to cancel the contract awarded to Aptech Limited. The administration argues that behind the ruckus are "vested interests" who want to "delay the recruitment process". According to Sinha, the administration has taken strict steps to root out corruption in recruitment.

Speaking at a function in Jammu on Monday, Sinha said those who gave jobs to terrorists and their family members have no right to talk about fair recruitment. He further said, “Those who resorted to one lakh backdoor entry have no right to give moral lessons to others. Merit will be the only criteria to pass the exam. You should not be swayed by those people who instigate you with false story because they are the ones who shattered your dreams.

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According to him, they are instigating people to serve their own interests. The youth of Jammu and Kashmir should be rest assured, neither there has been any disturbance in these examinations nor it will be allowed to happen. There will be no place for the corrupt in Jammu and Kashmir.

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