‘Abhyudaya Composite School’ to be built in UP, know what facilities it will be equipped with

UP Govt Schools: 4000 council schools will be upgraded in the coming three years in Uttar Pradesh. For this, the UP government has fixed a budget of Rs 1000 crore. Through this budget, one council school in each development block will be prepared as ‘Abhyudaya Composite School’. UP Govt. According to the official information provided by the government, about 700 schools will be upgraded under the first phase. Each school will have a capacity of 450 students.

A total of 880 primary and upper primary schools of Basic Education Department of UP will be prepared as part of Mukhyamantri Abhyudaya Composite Schools, with a total cost of Rs 1000 crore on each development block. In the first phase, 704 council schools will be upgraded. They will be updated by providing better facilities in each composite school. Its cost will be around Rs 1.42 crore.

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Recently, in the budget of 2023-2024 released by the UP government, the government led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath allocated Rs 2000 crore for high-quality education and skill development. The UP government has told that there will be many facilities in the Chief Minister Abhyudaya Composite Schools. Let us know about these features.

Facilities of Chief Minister Abhyudaya Composite School

  • Abhyudaya Composite School will have five rooms. It will have a library, which will have all the facilities for the children to sit and read. A computer lab, a modular composite lab for learning about science and robotics, smart classrooms and staff rooms will also be included.
  • Vatika hair will be made for the children in the school.
  • Nutrition garden will also be prepared inside the school.
  • There will be facility of WiFi and online CCTV monitoring.
  • Modular desks and furniture will be kept in the school keeping children in mind.
  • Employees will be deployed for cleanliness and security guards will be deployed for security.
  • The school will have a multipurpose room, which will include gym and playground.
  • Rainwater collection system and solar panels will also be installed in the school.
  • Children will get mid-day meal in the school and there will be a dining hall for this. Along with this, RO water plant, hand washing place will also be made.
  • Modern measures will be installed for fire protection.

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