AAP confronts DU, Bharti said – approval of our funded 28 colleges hangs in the balance

AAP leader's demand from DU

The Aam Aadmi Party has demanded the earliest formation of fully functional governing bodies for 28 colleges funded by the Delhi government. Along with this, it has been requested to immediately approve the names sent by the Delhi Government for the Governing Body in these colleges. Aam Aadmi Party says that there should be no interview in these 28 colleges of Delhi government without the formation of full fledged governing body. Because the intention of the Delhi government is to create such a system so that the first priority is given to the adjustment of existing adhoc teachers.

In this regard, Aam Aadmi Party MLA Somnath Bharti said that the Delhi government has sent a list of candidates for the governing bodies of 28 government-aided colleges. But DU administration is not approving the nomination. In the absence of a fully established governing body, instead of accommodating adhoc teachers in Delhi government-funded colleges, principals are imposing their will.

AAP leader demands approval of colleges

Somnath Bharti said that our demand is to immediately approve the nominees sent by the Delhi government for the governing bodies of these colleges in the Executive Council. Also, the appointment of any person without the formation of full-fledged governing bodies would be considered illegal.

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Aam Aadmi Party MLA Somnath Bharti and National President of Delhi Teachers Association Prof. Aditya Narayan Mishra said in a press conference on Tuesday that the Bharatiya Janata Party is engaged in weakening institutions by arbitrariness in every field including executive, judiciary, academic. In Delhi University also, BJP is sidelining the elected government. Delhi University has 28 colleges in which the Delhi government appoints members to constitute the governing bodies.

Out of these 28 colleges, 100% funding is done by Delhi government in 12 colleges. While Delhi government does 5% funding for 16 colleges. The Delhi government sends the names of the members for the governing bodies in these 28 colleges. After that those names are approved by the Executive Council.

Governing body recruits teachers

Somnath Bharti said that this governing body is very important. It is the responsibility of the governing body to appoint the principal in the college, to make ad hoc teachers permanent. It has been the aim of the Delhi government from the beginning that the adhoc teachers who have given 15 to 20 years of their life to teach children in colleges, should be given priority during the recruitment of permanent teachers in the college. That’s why it is necessary that fully fledged governing bodies should be formed in the colleges. The Executive Council should approve the names of the nominees sent by the Delhi government, so that the fully functional governing bodies are engaged in their work.

Manish Sisodia released the list

In this regard, the then Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia had handed over the list of nominees for the governing bodies of 28 colleges to Delhi University on 28 January 2023. It was the responsibility of the Vice Chancellor to approve it. But he did not listen to the democratic way of running the government. For this reason, a meeting of the Executive Council was called on 3 February 2023 to approve the list. But the list of nominees was not approved.

MLA Somnath Bharti said that a few days ago the names of 3 nominees were sent through the Assistant Registrar for the appointment of the Principal in Bharti College. We raised the issue that there is no approval of the Executive Council on these three nominees. 3 nominees were brought inside Bharti College illegally.

Bharti said that the principals are imposing their will in the colleges, we condemn it. Our demand is to immediately approve the nominees sent by the Delhi government for the governing bodies of these 28 colleges in the Executive Council, so that fully fledged governing bodies can be formed in these colleges. Only after that the other process should start. Appointment of any person without fully fledged governing bodies will be considered illegal. DU Vice Chancellor should not disregard the decisions taken in a democratic way.

Delhi Teachers Association made allegations

During this, the National President of Delhi Teachers Association Prof. Aditya Narayan Mishra alleged that the way BJP is working to destroy the institutions, in the same way the administration of DU is working under the leadership of the Vice Chancellor of Delhi University. 100 years of hard work, austerity and observation of rules and regulations are involved in building the credibility of Delhi University.

BJP is working to destroy the credibility of that institution. According to the law of DU, whatever names will be included in the governing body, they will be approved by the Executive Council. A week before the Executive Council meeting in DU on February 3, the then Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia had sent a list of names for the governing body of 28 colleges. But despite this these names were not kept.

On January 27, the then Deputy CM wrote a letter to the Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University and clearly said that we want to accommodate the adhoc teachers where they are working. We do not want to displace them, because the livelihood of these teachers is concerned. But by then DU had removed more than 70% of the adhoc teachers.

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Aditya Narayan said that when the list of the governing body came on 28th, the BJP felt that the pulses were not going to melt. That’s why the names that come from his party are given due importance without merit. While such adhoc teachers are fired in their place, who have been toppers in graduation and post graduation.

Teachers whose articles have been published in international publications, today it has become difficult for them to run their homes. On this subject, the then Deputy CM Manish Sisodia had given a reminder to the DU administration through another letter on February 15 that our governing bodies should be formed. But despite this, 3 names were sent to Bharti College and Shivaji College. This raises the question that from which party these three names have come. While it is clearly stated in Statute 30 that no name will go without the approval of the Executive Council. This had never happened before in the history of DU, but it is happening today.

question on the position of edoc teachers

Prof. Aditya Narayan Mishra said that BJP wants to make Delhi government’s stated position of adjustment of Adoc teachers unsuccessful. Along with this, BJP wants to bring the principal of their choice. Presently the officiating principals who are working in the colleges have been forced to sit there. Instead of these, the most senior people have been forced to resign. It is also being said that in the coming time, BJP wants to make its people sit on the chair, so the interview has been kept on the 10th.

Members of the Academic Council and Executive Council have written to the Vice Chancellor asking him to follow the law. Even did a hunger strike in Delhi University on this issue. We thought that maybe this would wake up the Vice Chancellor. But this attempt also failed. BJP people want to destroy 100 years old education institute. They just want their people to come everywhere, whether they are qualified or not.

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